The Role of Languages in the Business Environment

Today, in order to apply for a job, you need to be fully proficient. The rhythm of big cities and growing companies calls for workers who are able to keep up with the fast pace. Of course, foreign languages are one of the things starting to become a must. While in the past, speaking foreign languages was a requirement for certain specific jobs, today, the need for them is spreading across different areas of the business environment. Perhaps, the most important factor that contributed to this behavior was globalization.

Engineering and Science

The must-know language for Engineering, whatever your mother tongue may be, is English. Every engineer should know English, as it's the language of technology and the Internet. Most science works are published in English, and they are an important source for every engineer to keep up to date. If you're interested in publishing papers, the international language of engineering, English, should be commonplace to you. Unlike foreign students who seek to learn English Edinburgh count on the advantage of being native English speakers, so they take the chance to study other languages important for scientific contributions: Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


Whether you want to become a diplomat, a translator, an interpreter or a court interpreter, among others, the sixofficial languages of the United Nations will be more than useful. In some cases, knowing three of them is mandatory. For instance, in order to be a certified United Nations translator, you need to major in at least three out of thesesix languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. When taking Spanish lessons London students who seek a career in interpretation count on native Spanish speaking trainers who are not only able to convey the technical aspects of the language, but also the cultural nuances and socio-political aspects that only locals can convey, and that are so important for such field.

Travel and Tourism

Perhaps, this is the most obvious area in which foreign language speakers are needed. To work in management, reservations, guidance, or as an air hostess, languages are needed. These jobs require that you be in constant contact with people from all over the world. For instance, in order to be an air hostess, knowledge of the international etiquette (rules of social behavior accepted in each country) is of vital importance.