This is the additional Lingua2 privacy policy for the Lingua2 Facebook apps. Contac us

As a registered Facebook user, you are also subject to Facebook's privacy policy. Please check your Facebook account privacy settings for further information.

Collecting information about you

We collect different types of information about App users for some main reasons:

1. To verify that our users are providing true information (at least according to his or her facebook profile) and avoid creation of fake profiles.

2. To help you to fill in the forms and log in our site through Facebook.

3. To give our members access from our site to Facebook events posted by other users in our website.

4. To make easy to share events posted in our site and to share our site with your Facebook friends.

5. To promote your language exchange offer by letting you post to your Facebook wall, groups and pages through our site.

This site does not use your Facebook information for marketing purposes and Facebook data will not be shared with third parties.

For unsubscribing you just have to delete our apps from Facebook internally from your Facebook account.

If these conditions change someday you will be notified via email.