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Essentially a floor drain is really a plumbing fixture set up on the floor with the objective of removing water area it. Storm Drain Grates is available in various shapes for example round, square or rectangular. Ranging from 2 inches to 12 inches, most floor drains are 4 inches in diameter. Usually made of material such as metal or plastic, the gradient of the floor near Storm Drain Gratings is usually sloped to let gravity do its job of draining the water around a floor drain.
Typically found near washrooms, water heater and the washer areas in residential areas, floor drains will also be spotted near commercial facilities such as basements, toilets, kitchens, refrigerator areas, shower and locker rooms and near swimming pools for commercial areas.
A strainer (popularly known as floor drain cover or floor grating/grate) should always be used at all times to protect Storm Drain Grating .
The goal of a floor drain cover (floor drain grate) is to ensure objectives like hair and pest do not get into the floor drain and clog the drains. A properly designed floor drain cover (floor drain grate) always ensure safety to anyone near a floor drain.
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