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[edit] Spanish verbs

[edit] Using of to be

  • Soy comiendo (INCORRECT)
  • Estoy comiendo (CORRECT)

[edit] Subjunctive

  • Present
    • Si trabajase en el extranjero, aprendería muchas cosas nuevas.
  • Pretérito imperfecto
    • Si hubiera trabajado en el extranjero, habría aprendido muchas cosas nuevas

[edit] Borja Gómez

I'm a 25 years old boy from Spain. I'm working in Madrid as a programmer in an IT company. I like running, cooking, reading (specially poetry books),
travelling and visiting cities, going to the beach ... I'd like to find an english speaker partner for an exchange, I speak spanish very well because I'm spanish.

[edit] Curriculum vitae

[edit] Education

  • Degree: Licenciatura en Matemáticas, especialidad en Estadística y Computación. Universidad de Cantabria, 2005-2010. 5/5 years.
  • Master: Quantitative Finance, Analistas Financieros Internacionales, 2011.

[edit] Languages

  • English: Intermediate.
  • Spanish: Native speaker.
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