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Private investigator sacramento Best Civil Process Server Ready to Hire a Process Server Sacramento? Click "Serve Now" to hire a process server in Sacramento. Save $25 on Sacramento Process Server. We Serve 24/7.Call Now! (800) 683-4769.

Ready to Hire a Private Eye Sacramento? Click "Hire a Private Eye" to hire a private Investigator Sacramento. Hire a Private Eye in Sacramento. Skiptrace, Cheating Spouse Investigations, Criminal Defense, Judgement Collection Agency, Surveillance, people search. Lance Casey & Associates 2386 Fair Oaks Blvd Sacramento CA 95825 (800) 683-4769. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

It doesn't matter what you are about serving court documents to, you're likely to desire a professional service to care for this method to suit your needs. Many issues comes up when you're not accomplishing this professionally. Therefore, you need to make a change as soon as possible through getting the best on the planet in your corner. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Let's have a look at such a great civil process server will do for you now and in the foreseeable future whenever it relates to your court documents. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Tracked Court Documents

Court documents are crucial in this day and age. You should be getting value, and it needs to be very easy to keep pace with how the situation is moving along.

It is a server that may help keep you updated to actually understand where the situation is and exactly how they will be heading later on.

Simplify Process

The process is not planning to work in your favor when you're not simplifying it whenever you can. This procedure server will make sure things move along quickly, and you're not dealing with hurdles in the process which should not have access to show up at all.


You're not going to be created to wait around because it concerns the documents. It will be easy to sit back and know things will likely be pushed ahead on the speed you want and literally this is going to be offered. Court documents are relevant and ought to be going to their destination when needed.

This is the best civil process server in the city for the reason, and you have to use the best to make sure the situation is not failing for you. If you need quality, you'll want this team on your side as that's what you ought to push for.

Excellent job! My daughter contacted this firm the day before Thanksgiving for an emergency serving. It was all done over the phone with efficiency and quickly. The server was persistent to get the job done! THANK YOU!!! Prayerfully we will not need your services again but if we do we will not hesitate to call your firm! Cs C. Descanso, CA

Private Detective & Process Server Services $50 & Up - Private Investigation $150 & Up - Request For Order - Temporary Emergency Ex Parte Custody Order (FL-300) $75 & Up – Plaintiff's Claim and Order to go to Small Claims Court (SC-100) $100 & Up – Subpoena for personal appearance or production of documents (SC-107 & SC-134) $125 & Up – California Divorce Petition (FL-100) $150 & Up – Civil Harassment Restraining Order Forms (CH-100) $250 & Up – Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DV-100) $150 & Up – Sacramento County Bank Levy $125 & Up – Sacramento County Earnings Withholding Order $50 – Sacramento County Court Document Filling $50 & Up – CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service Sacramento $150 & Up – Skiptrace Current Address & Sacramento Process Service $100 & Up - Tenant Notices/Unlawful Detainer $100 & Up - Complaint/Summons The above prices are for three attempts for one person/business at one address. Additional fees are charged for multiple serves at the same address, multiple addresses, rush service, stake out service, large number of pages of documents to serve, fees charged by sheriff's department and any other fees needed. Since service can depend on a lot of factors, we can't guarantee service. We will make every effort to serve your documents. Pre-payment is required for service and once paid, there are no cancellations. We will contact you to arrange payment shortly. Upon successful service, the proof of service will be mailed to the above address unless you order and pay for document filing at any Sacramento County Court House. Ex Parte Motion Private Investigator Sacramento Ex Parte Motion Process Server Sacramento Ex Parte Order Private Investigator Sacramento Skiptrace Process Server Sacramento Temporary Restraining Order Process Server Sacramento Private Investigator Fees Judgement Collection Agency Sacramento Small Claims Detective Skiptrace Private Investigator Sacramento Temporary Restraining Order Private Investigator Sacramento Ex Parte Order Process Server Sacramento

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