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Have you ever wondered what determines how you approach life? The key is in understanding your mindset. Researchers have come up with a definitive explanation of mindset. Dr. Carol Dweck at Stanford University found that there are two distinct mindsets: fixed mindset and development mindset. Most of us fall into one of these two categories and in some locations of life might use one much more than the other.

Here are the variations in the two mindsets. With a fixed mindset you believe that your intelligence, personality, and talents are fixed from the time you were born. While individuals with a growth mindset think that these exact same traits can be developed through out life. The limitations of the fixed mindset are that you fear getting judged, you worry that if you make a mistake you will be a failure, and you steer clear of challenges simply because you are anxious that you may not do as well as you "should".

With a development mindset you believe that your intelligence, personality, and talents are a beginning point and you can create these qualities if you are willing to apply work, persistence and look at learning as an chance to stretch who you are. Thus you are not discouraged by failure and set-backs simply because they are some thing from which you can learn. With the development mindset you trust that you will develop by applying work and believe in being flexible and open to change.

I had not been conscious how a lot I was limiting my life with a fixed mindset. I reacted to set backs and difficulties by blaming myself and taking things personally. I have had to apply considerable work to strengthening my development mindset. Lately I coached a young couple who had been struggling with their relationship. As we looked at their mindsets it became clear that he firmly believed in a fixed mindset and she operated from a development mindset. No wonder that they had been struggling. It wasn't till the husband opened himself up to seeing worth in a development mindset that he began making modifications. One of their issues was how he handled anger because it scared her. He saw it as "that is the way all the men in my family members handle anger" while she felt there were other methods he could learn to express what was upsetting him.

By developing a growth mindset you have the energy to evolve your life irrespective of your age. Change is part of development which allows you to really live so that you develop in self-confidence and achieve achievement.


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