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In recent years, many Americans are trading their dreams building of big houses with dreams of compact, modest homes. Since land costs are presently down, many Americans are opting for buying land and designing the home of their dreams on their own. If you are still not certain weather a small, loft-style home is right for you, consider the following:

Lofts are spending budget-friendly

Since lofts are smaller sized, they are less expensive to design and build. Much less materials and workmanship goes into creating a smaller sized home, which translates to much more money in your pocket for travel, schooling, or other costs.

In addition maintaining a smaller sized home is much less costly. In most cases, you will end up paying much less property tax and your utility costs will lessen significantly.

Because there is less space in a compact home, less furniture can match in them, which means you invest much less money (and time) searching for furniture for your home. You can even splurge on good pieces of furniture that would last you for years to come since you have extra cash.

Smaller homes means smaller sized land

If you usually wanted to live in a large city, but was not prepared to compromise your dream of a ideal home just for you, consider purchasing a small plot in an urban area. Since your dream home is smaller sized, the plot in which you build it on can be a lot smaller- which opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Lofts are eco-friendly

Not only do lofts use fewer of the earth's resources, they can assist you trim your heating/cooling usage since much less energy is expanded on heating and cooling of smaller spaces.

In addition, much less clutter can go into a smaller home, which means less waste.

Sift through the junk

If you are straggling with clutter issues, a small compact space can assist you out. Because your house will no longer be big, you will not have room for extra "just in case" items. You will have to determine what is really important to you, and let go of the rest. You will no longer have "room to expand", and may consequently discover that you don't buy as many unnecessary items for your home.

Much less maintenance-much more time for you!

Smaller houses are faster to clean and need much less maintenance then a big house. Rather than spending your weekends cleaning, you can really enjoy your self and perhaps even relax!

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