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[edit] Curiosities of Spanish: When say "Tu" or "Usted" to someone?

"Tu"/"Usted" are both personal pronoums and we use them to refer to a person. Usually we use "tu" when we know the person who we talk or this person is younger than us. We use "usted" when we don´t know the person who we talk, is more older than us or we are in a formal situations. But there are some exceptions, for example, in some places in latin american countries always you have to use "usted" if the person is older than you, especially if you are a child or a teenager. In spain is common only use "usted" in formal situations.

[edit] Tasi

Hello, I'm a computer engineer and I'm 32 years old. I'm studing English so I'm very interested in speaking English. I'm have B1 level and I would like talk with different kind of people not necessarily native. I speak Spanish and I can help people who want to practice their Spanish.

[edit] CV Tasi

Computer Engineering (University Complutense of Madrid)

Master degree in Information Technology And Computer Systems (URJC)

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