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You can create many kinds of events in Lingua2 and we offer you resources to promote them for free. Follow this instructions bellow and you will be successful.


How to find people

Everything depends on the ammount of potential people that you have:

You want to create an event from the beginning

Follow these steps:

  • Create an group on Facebook and call it Language Exchange YOURCITY - . In that way we know that you belong to our network and we will offer you more resources.
  • Speak with your friends about setting up an event and convince them to promote it and organise it.
  • Contact international associations and tell them about your idea. Probably they will help you to organise a big event, otherwise the may send an email to their members.
  • Look for potential assistants in social networks according to their country of birth, languages and other parameters.
  • You can open the event to all languages so you can have more assistants.
  • IMPORTANT: tell them to register in less than one minute in Lingua2. In that way you will be able to find them in our site in the future and make your group bigger.

You already have a group

Make your group bigger broadcasting all your events in Lingua2 and inviting our existing members.

What to offer

  • International welcome parties (Erasmus, international students, international professionals, etc.)
  • International parties in general
  • Conversation meeting specific for one language
  • Conversation meeting in all languages
  • Just for fun event
  • Find your language partner event
  • Long events abroad for language learning or just for fun
  • Any other event :)
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