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YouTube videos are uploaded and shared on the world wide web for people to access entertainment of different kinds. What you are planning to read below end up being the steps on how to download YouTube videos to phone. So you've now got an for.flv file but the file format that in concert with your Philips device is .smv. Therefore, you must convert the .flv file to an .avi file before you take the video through your media converter for Philips or on your own SMV Converter Tool six.0. The very first thing is to rename it, or you'll be stuck with a horrible name like XCVFkituws or something, and that can make it pretty hard to keep your files placed. What we need to do now is to change the file regarding the movie-as standard usually are very well Flash Video Files, the new extension .FLV, which won't work on a video IPOD and then we will require to use some special software to convert them to MPEG4. Exercising solution is a free demo of Replay Converter, Google it to fully understand more eco-friendly a catch-the free demo will only convert the initial 90 seconds or so, so look at to consider one of the paid models. It doesn't take too long to convert it begin to the right software, so you're almost home and dry! To convert your have.flv file to an .avi file you should download the Pazera Free .flv to .avi ripping tools. Once you've downloaded the program, open it and click the 'Add' link. A dialogue box will turn up and additional fruits and vegetables open the .flv file you've just saved in 'My Documents' for example. Select the option 'output directory=input directory'. This means that wherever you've saved the .flv file is the location .avi file will be saved quite. Click convert. An important tool in accomplishing this task is developing a browser with the right features. I am a Mac user there isn't any use Apple's Safari phone. Firefox, Internet Explorer and other browsers may be able to download lagu lagu terbaru within a similar way, but for the purposes of that particular tutorial We are using Internet explorer. To install the software, first you ought to to download it from net. Then to set it up in your laptop you to help double mouse click on .dmg register. After installation there are 3 approaches to download the files. Like, directly click the download button this include the video in to the download include. Or, you have to click "download" in you "Free YouTube Downloader" choice. Then you have come to a decision "Enter a URL", here you have to say hello to the URL of this file, a person want get. You will find the downloaded FLV in "Convert" tab if you have checked "Convert to video" option. Otherwise, it will appear in "History" tab than enable you to select all downloaded FLV and click "Convert" icon to activate FLV to Video Converter Pro 2 for conversion from FLV to other popular video formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, 3GP, MOV, MP4, etc. Note: The movie size for this output files may unsuitable the screen of your iPod.

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