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Using the Freetime app, that's partnered to your Freetime box you may record television shows while you're out of our home. This really is best for people who enjoy spending their free time with friends or venturing around. Freetime is actually offered on Panasonuc TVs, together with Set Top Boxes. The Freetime box enables you to catch up on the past 7 days of TV, appreciate shows On Demand and get tips on what to watch.

You’ll have the ability to easily hunt for particular TV shows, you are able to pause, rewind and record live TV right across 26 channels with our roll back TV Guide, so you don't miss a tv show. It is possible to delight in On Demand television shows at a touch of the button from BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5. You'll find the demonstrates that you love with Showcase, the very best of up and coming new shows. Choose the shows you’re hunting for using the easy to use search feature. Including this, Freetime has a powerful app. The app is free but it allows you to do all kinds of things like establishing recordings onto your Freesat box whenever you’re out and transforming your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into your remote device.

The app now is available for iOS and Android Devices, typically the Freesat App is merely appropriate for Freetime set top boxes, not Freetime TVs. If you're wondering about obtaining a new TV, then the most recent Panasonic Smart TVs include Freetime installed as traditional, presented by Freesat. You can pick from the array of clever digital boxes, brought to you by Freesat and merely plug it inside your present television.

Regarding the backwards TV Guide, this definitely does not operate on all Freesat Television channels. The Roll Back service simply operates on the channels with the catch up solutions on Freesat e.g. the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 channels. Presently, which means you can Roll Back over the past 7 days of TV on 26 channels via the TV Guide. The wonderful thing about Freetime is you can contain it in more than one room within your house - you only need a Freesat box or Panasonic TV in each of the rooms. You'll be able to attach several digital box to a individual satellite dish. This depends by the age of your dish, in order to support more than one box; your LNB (the protruding antenna of the dish) may need to be updated to support multiple cables.

Each one of the digital box must be connected to the satellite dish via a cable (or two in case you are connecting a Freesat+ HD box). The local Freesat approved retailer are likely to advise you on installation options when you purchase a Freesat box or Panasonic TV. You could still operate the Freesat App even though you don’t have a Freetime box. You may use the app to locate new television programmes on to watch on Freesat. You need a Freetime box if you wish to remote record or make use of the app as a remote control for the TV.

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