Divorce For a Socio Legal Procedure

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The spouse and children can be a Nashville divorce lawyer intricate and dynamic institution in India. Households in India are undergoing vast alterations like increasing divorce and separation fees, domestic violence, inter-generational conflicts, and social difficulties in the aged parents.

In modern day study, divorce and re-marriage are viewed not as solitary, static occasions, but as portion of a sequence of transitions, modifying the lives of children. Besides the trauma of divorce itself, the transition connected with divorce generally entails geographic moves, the addition of step-siblings and a new set of extended family members customers.

Definition of divorce:

Divorce -partial or whole - would be the dissolution of the relationship with the judgment of a courtroom. Partial dissolution is often a divorce "from mattress and board," a decree of judicial separation, leaving the events officially married whilst forbidding cohabitation. Full dissolution from the bonds of a valid relationship is exactly what is currently generally intended by divorce. It is for being distinguished from the decree of nullity of marriage, or annulment, which is a judicial acquiring that there hardly ever was a legitimate relationship.

In accordance with the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, 'any marriage solemnized, irrespective of whether in advance of or just after the graduation of this Act, may possibly, on a petition presented by both the spouse or perhaps the spouse, be dissolved by a decree of divorce'1 about the grounds stated therein.

Among the many Hindus, who sort a major religious team in India, marriage is considered as being a long term, life-long and sacred union. For the Hindu usually, a Hindu girl specifically, marriage is often a sacrament and hence unbreakable. Divorce was pretty an unidentified phenomenon among the many Hindus just before the passing on the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 plus the Distinctive Relationship Act 1954. The modification into the Hindu Marriage Act in 1976 is surely an enhancement on the former legislation associated with relationship and would make divorce easier. There are certain matrimonial offences, which entitle the aggrieved husband or wife to file to get a divorce, obtainable beneath the matrimonial regulations. They are cruelty, adultery, and bigamy. Divorce by mutual consent is obtainable under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

The Hindu Relationship Act, 1955 differentiates the notion of 'divorce' from these kinds of other concepts as separation2, desertion3 and annulment4. A divorce is that procedure by which a marriage, regarded as legitimate, could be revoked in the life span of your associates who then revert to one and is particularly absolutely free to remarry.

But in point of fact, divorce can be a important lifestyle changeover which includes far-reaching social, psychological, lawful, private, economic, and parental repercussions. The nature of divorce being a socio-legal phenomenon is very intriguing and enigmatic. The present research is an attempt to find out the persuasive energy with the social factors in identifying the status of a divorcee.

Literature Study:

Numerous research within the sociological literature from the west have examined and analyzed the phenomenon of divorce and its implications. In India, considerable investigate on divorce has long been documented, albeit on lesser scale in comparison with the west. The most crucial motives with the confined range of empirical scientific tests on divorce in India, tend to be the decreased divorce prices, and lack of ample details [Amato, 1994]. It has been discovered that a variety of experiments relevant to marriage, spouse and children and divorce are actually carried out at a variety of periods of time. These studies, inspite of presenting important insights in to the topic, circumscribed their scope on the demographic and causative aspects of divorce; the "pre-divorce" phase, which a crucial determinant is of "divorce process", hasn't received enough attention.

Demographic details on divorce

According to Census 2001, eight per cent with the complete married populace [Two for every cent with the full population] in Andhra Pradesh is divorced. Four for each cent of woman inhabitants in Hyderabad town is divorced. Aside from, there exists a boost from the range of divorced also. Full number of divorced inhabitants inside the metropolis of Hyderabad increased to 7433 in 2001 from 2850 in 1991. Just about 50 % on the complete divorced population within the town of Hyderabad as well as Andhra Pradesh belong towards the age group of 25-39 years.

Analysis Queries:

The present research is really an attempt to scrutinize the influence of social factors around the procedure of divorce. The present examine proposes to think about the next investigate concern:

It can be frequently assumed that there will be adverse and much achieving social and lawful penalties of divorce, particularly among the many Hindu women, as the Hindus are actually classic inside their outlook and relationship is considered for a sacred union among the many Hindus. Is that this assertion applicable for that contemporary, urban, contemporary and westernized outlook concerning the status of ladies?

The location In the Study- Twin Cities Of Hyderabad And Secunderabad:

Higher Hyderabad City Agglomeration, such as the twin towns of Hyderabad and Secunderabad on your own accounts for 24 for each cent of city population while in the condition of Andhra Pradesh. The populace of Hyderabad district has long gone up from 3145939 in 1991 to 3829753 in 2001. Hyderabad, now nicknamed as "Cyberabad", the money town of your state of Andhra Pradesh is relocating at a speedy tempo within the enhancement of data technological know-how and infrastructure.

Details systems are considerably altering just how one conducts one's things to do. Yet, the social ambiance from the state appears to generally be however feudal in outlook and practice. The median age at relationship at Hyderabad District, however, for female inhabitants is fifteen.3 decades which is the fifth least expensive in India and about 69% of females are married below 18 decades.

Universe and Sampling:

The current review centered on divorce cases less than the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 decided and disposed of through the Authorized Providers Authority [Lok Adalats], and Family Court docket of Hyderabad as its universe.

A multi-stage sampling process is followed to pick the sample. To begin with, the instances referred for divorce towards the Relatives Court docket of Hyderabad via the City Civil Court docket Lawful Services Authority are selected where by the decree of divorce is granted through the Loved ones Court of Hyderabad. A sample of fifty seven situations was chosen by subsequent the purposive sampling approach. As soon as the scenarios are selected, the home from the women-divorcees is taken into consideration to choose the sample in the 2nd phase. Knowledge is gathered with the women- divorcees residing at twin towns of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and the peri-urban zone surrounding the twin towns. A pre-tested interview timetable is accustomed to elicit details with the respondents. Facts on age, training, profession, caste position, month to month money, aspects of marriage, particulars of marital disharmony, introduction of authorized aspects of divorce and also the personalized activities with this regard, post-divorce effects as decided via the courts, life from the divorcee soon after divorce, and remarriage are gathered by using the program. In-depth interviews also were being produced with selected respondents, loved ones counselors, attorneys as well as users of Judiciary working with divorce cases.

Socio-Economic Profile Of the Divorcee-Respondents:

The info is gathered from 57 ladies respondents. Information pertaining to the socio-economic and cultural track record on the spouses is vital in as much mainly because it could possibly be linked to their conduct pertaining to marital dissolution. Within the examination of information several of the socio-economic traits were being taken as significant variables during the procedure of divorce.

Age with the respondents is really an important variable within the evaluation of divorce. The largest team on the respondents (52.3%) belongs on the 26-35 decades age group, followed by 42.3 per cent in the respondents falling while in the 16-25 years age group. The data recommend that a bulk of the marriages ends at youthful age.

Education and learning is another crucial variable connected with divorce. In tune with the normal perception that a lot more amount of divorces accompanies larger volume of education of girls, it's claimed that ladies with greater instruction took recourse to divorce to finish marital incompatibility. In Becker's idea of the union formation procedure it really is argued that highly educated adult men are likely to marry hugely educated females and less educated adult males are inclined to marry much less educated women of all ages [Becker 1977]. Nevertheless many reports link significant rates of divorce to better degree of education and learning, the proposition in the-Indian context, isn't irrefutable. Pothen [1986] wasn't certain no matter whether training hinders or promotes the incidence of divorce amongst Hindus. She agreed that it is challenging to predict the restraining or corrective affect of training on divorce. The current research reveals that, even though the proportion of people with college schooling is sizeable [55.8%] the assessment of information implies that increased amount of education will not be usually accompanied by divorce.

There is certainly a great deal relationship amongst occupation and marital and familial lifestyle. Burgess and Locke [1950; 634] observed that 'various studies seem to point out that divorce is relatively substantial amongst persons engaged in occupations necessitating repeated absence from home, involving personal contacts using the reverse se, and controlled reasonably very little because of the community'. The percentage of ladies respondents doing work in the time of relationship and immediately after is rather small. The most crucial elements hindering females to hunt work are neighborhood customs and traditions. Despite supplying value to education in the girls, numerous mother and father, husbands together with other male kinfolk will not allow their females to work.

Most of the respondents are housewives. Their resources of earnings contain rents accrued from their landed home or curiosity about the mounted deposits deposited by them at Banking companies or Chit Resources and private financial establishments. The quantity of respondents possessing month-to-month profits more than Rs. twenty,000 is negligible [8 for every cent].

The present research is regarding divorce among the Hindus. Amongst the Hindus, you'll find innumerable castes and sub-castes with marital constraints and diverse cultural traditions. It's viewed which the optimum number [42.3%] of divorces is from Brahmin caste. The Brahmin respondents are from the sub-castes of Niyogi Brahmins [23], Vaidiki Brahmins [9], Kannada-Madhwa Brahmin [2], and Srivaishnava Brahmin [4]. Urban residences, increased instructional skills, detachment from their ethnic teams are some of your facilitating things of social mobility amongst them. Almost sixty for each cent with the divorces among the them came about for incompatibility, inability to regulate and lack of information on the component with the other husband or wife. Naidu, Kamma, Viswa Brahmin, Mera, Kapu castes, which might be described as middle level castes, arrive following [36.9%]. The bottom for each cent [4.5%] of your divorcees are Kshatriyas.

Every caste follows various traditions and values from the Indian cultural milieu. Some castes permit divorce while others will not, irrespective of the very fact that it is lawfully sanctioned beneath the wedding legislation. That's why, in watch in the cultural heterogeneity, the rate of divorce is probably going to differ from one caste towards the other. Sample of your existing analyze shows that divorce is currently permitted by all castes along with the maximum price is observed among Brahmins. But, in lots of conditions partners may possibly have separated from each other and may possibly not have approached the courts for legal divorce. On this context, it cannot be hypothesized that divorce is resorted to much more by bigger caste users than by reduce caste associates.


How Relationship Alliance Occurred?

For most from the households in India matrimonial alliances are formalized through the mom and dad as well as their criteria in weighing the benefits and drawbacks of your proposed marriages are substantially different from that from the marriage associates by themselves. Presently, 'arranged from the parents- marriages' may be regarded as arranged-cum-love marriages. Matrimonial classifieds in newspapers or assist of matrimonial associations are sought in arranged marriage if the spouse and children fails to uncover "suitable" spouses for his or her youngsters.

Seventy three per cent on the marriage alliances inside the present review ended up arranged. In bulk on the conditions, relatives are utilized as intermediaries. This shows the prevalence of arranged marriages. Having assistance sort the matrimonial associations gave the impression to be one more popular approach with the arrangement of relationship. Mothers and fathers from the respondents approached matrimonial associations in 18.nine for each cent circumstances as a way to search for just a good match. The function of matrimonial ads in bringing marriage alliance is quite nominal [6.three %].

The lawful validity of relationship one of the Hindus is determined from the overall performance of relationship rituals. The Hindu Relationship Act, 1955 has secularized the Hindu regulation of marriage in all respects apart from in one aspect. However, there needn't be any doubt about a single ceremony, viz., the saptapadi and that is absolutely indispensable for your overall performance of a Hindu marriage from the shastric rites.

Under Area 8 of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, there exists a provision for registration of marriages. The state of Andhra Pradesh passed the Obligatory Registration of Marriage Act, 2002. The Supreme Court docket of India on February 15, 2006 requested compulsory registration of marriages no matter faith. Regardless of the Compulsory Registration of Marriage Act, 2002, the vast majority of marriages usually are not registered. Only 12 per cent on the marriages are registered. The registration of relationship was completed in most of the cases when there emerged a need to obtain a correct certificate of relationship, particularly to use for Visa.

Length of marriage:

The first one or two a long time of marriage are exceptionally crucial within the everyday living of any few. Some marriages survive for your for a longer period everyday living but some are dissolved in the early many years of marital daily life. The information clearly exhibits that primarily the happily-married time continues to be also small and those who had some a long time of happily-married daily life are extremely little in quantity.

Age At Relationship:

Scientists continually uncover age at marriage for being one with the strongest predictors of marital disruption and divorce. The current review reveals that younger age at relationship in conjunction with absence of the capacity to prevent bickering within the marital lifestyle resulted in divorce.

Results in Of Divorce:

As legal dissolution of relationship, divorce is primarily a lawful phenomenon. Household rules of any country formulate legislation for divorce wherein grounds are stipulated under which divorce may be availed of. These authorized grounds will not be just isolated legal brings about, but they do signify the socio-cultural view stage also. Therefore, once we deal with the brings about of divorce, we've got to help keep in mind the authorized and sociological viewpoints.

A major factor probable to affect the extent of divorce inside of a society will be the dedication that other folks outside the house the wedding must its continuation. If marriage is described as non-public, of concern principally on the married pair and obtaining minor external affect, divorce is likely to get much more available.

The present analyze analyses the brings about of divorce on the specific stage. That's why knowledge on how disharmony while in the marital daily life of the respondents started is collected. The info reveals that bulk of your respondents take into consideration relationship being an powerful, personal and personal relationship. In the sense marital daily life in the respondents' caught in something of a pincer motion. On the a single side, the greater which is envisioned of marriage and also the heavier the burden of hopes and feelings it's to hold, the considerably less likely it truly is to be uncovered satisfactory. Around the other side, yet again since marriage is actually concerned with own pleasure and fulfillment, the 'support' it gets from outside the house diminishes. You can find less tension for any few, mostly in city modern society, to remain collectively simply because their break-up has very little effect outdoors the domestic sphere and will cause less ripples than it might in a very regular Hindu culture.

More vital 'structural' element connected to the raising divorce charge is definitely the transformed social position of married gals within our modern society. Though men's and women's lives proceed to be structured unequally, the social and economic chances now open to ladies are undoubtedly higher than they had been five a long time in the past. To this extent marriage 'traps' females somewhat considerably less than it at the time did. In particular, the opportunities you will discover for employment or, failing this, the availability of supplementary advantage helps make separation and divorce a far more sensible selection than formerly.

One particular even more aspect influencing the level of divorce would be the legitimacy accorded it within a society. As increasingly more individuals have some encounter of divorce, possibly at the beginning hand or by anyone near them staying divorced, the fewer opprobrium it carries. On this way, divorce is now a more normal and less impressive daily life event-one to regret somewhat than condemn. As a consequence, there is certainly now significantly less tension placed on couples who are getting marital difficulties to remain alongside one another. They may be very likely to discover divorce as a acceptable remedy in the event the relationship is in ample issues instead than something to be resisted at any value. The point below, not surprisingly, is usually that precisely what is defined as 'sufficient trouble' to warrant divorce by itself alterations as divorce gets much more common. Though divorce continues to be traumatic and not entered into flippantly, what was once held for being tolerable within a marriage may well now be found as enough cause for divorce.

How where divorce is thought to influence little ones provides a fascinating indicator of our social imagery of divorce. Presently divorce remains witnessed as unsafe to youngsters; on the other hand well known wisdom accepts that dwelling with mother and father who're in continual conflict with every other may be much more detrimental. Much better, it truly is now considered, for that mothers and fathers to individual to make sure that the kid may be supplied with a much less tempestuous and much more emotionally steady house existence.

Basing within the issues of divorced gals, Goode [1956] formulated twelve themes that include non-support, drinking, incongruent values, and disagreement around authority, extra marital sexual intercourse and neglect of dwelling. The most regularly stated marital difficulties are interaction challenges, general incompatibility, not spending sufficient time at home, infidelity and disagreement more than money issues [Cleek & Pearson, 1985; Kitson, 1992]. Attribution idea [Fiske and Taylor, 1992] suggests that persons simply because of self-serving biases attribute troubles to external relatively than internal brings about. Going by this concept the wife or husband is considerably less likely to report marital issues caused by herself or himself. Amato and Rogers [1997] categorized the will cause of marital dissolution as distal and proximal. Distal causes involve age at relationship, education and learning, race, wife's work, earnings etc. whereas proximal causes are anger, jealousy, dominance, infidelity, extravagance, substance use etc.

The current research gathered knowledge on variables which lead to marital disharmony. These factors are grouped into:
o Lack of expertise amongst the spouses
o Demand for dowry with the partner, and his mom and dad
o Incompatibility
o Overwork [where both the spouses are involved, consequently not locating time to spend together]
o Involvement of mothers and fathers of your spouses in all and sundry matters of the marital life of your spouses.
o Domestic violence.

The cause 'lack of understanding' describes the marital bickering resulted due to numerous variables. Just one these kinds of issue is change in the wife's money and her academic attainment after marriage. Even further schooling could be a stressor in marital lifetime by itself, but the connection may possibly also be due to reverse causation: Anticipating divorce inside of a lower quality relationship may provide an incentive to obtain further more education being a preparation for single lifestyle. 3 on the wife-respondents felt that their insistence on continuing schooling even after marriage created friction within their marital life.

Gender job Attitudes and Division of Household function:

The women's motion and improved numbers of dual-career partners have led to shifts in gender position attitudes--in other words, what a partner and wife expect from themselves and every single other within their marital partnership roles. Traditional notions that a wife is expected to remain in your own home and take care of your house, youngsters, and family members, whilst the partner is predicted to become the breadwinner and "head on the household," have begun to decrease and more egalitarian notions (men and women are equal in all domains) have elevated among the both guys and women Not only have gender purpose attitudes improved, but, concurrently, division of household work has also shifted. Although marital behaviors today are much more egalitarian, wives are usually not satisfied. Why are females fewer happy of their marriages? A person explanation might stem with the truth that an ideology of marital equality does not necessarily translate into an outcome of marital equality.

Sex-Role Perceptions of your Spouses:

Sex-role perceptions and attitudes towards functioning females are influenced because of the cultural norms of gender equality which determine the position of girls in society and their instructional and economic status. In India, cultural norms favor females mainly of their domestic and marital roles [Rao and Rao, 1988]. If they do the job, they're regarded merely as secondary or supportive earners. Women's employment does not alter sex - job perceptions mainly for the reason that on the prevailing culturally outlined gender based norms. The current examine reveals that sex-role perceptions with the respondents primarily dependent on cultural norms.

Partner -Wife Interactions:

There is certainly variation in cultural ideas about proper husband-wife relations one of the respondents. Relocating from village to city is definitely an significant working experience that allows people to assess cultural beliefs. The migration with the respondents right after their marriage has created some confusion regarding husband-wife interactions.


A person from the additional puzzling aspects of marital crisis entails the issues of compatibility. At person stage, marriage will be the bonding of man and woman around the deepest levels of daily life; and compatibility is essential for the union to succeed. 1 fourth in the respondents took incompatibility to be a cause for his or her divorce.

Demands For Dowry:

Although dowry demands are actually outlawed because of the Indian government, these guidelines are seldom enforced and also the observe of dowry remains widespread [VazL, Kanekar S., 1990]. Irrespective of their condemnation of dowry, most women of all ages respondents appeared resigned to it, as they considered it affords young females an important degree of social legitimacy and security. For most respondents, managing a daughter's marriage negotiations was an agonizing system fraught with tension and fear.13 for each cent with the respondents said that the reason behind the marital disharmony is demand for additional dowries.


Five for every cent on the respondents felt that there was hardly any time offered for them to spend collectively with their spouse prior for their divorce. Exactly where both spouses are working in BPO sector, because from the timings of their function they come across that they overworked and tend not to have any strength to share conversation regarding their marital lifetime.

Involvement With the Mother and father From the Spouses:

Educated couples insist that they would like to own their privacy notably inside their marital existence. They feel that intervention of even their mother and father just isn't acceptable. When dad and mom or parents-in-law try to convince them in marital matters they decide to split the romance somewhat than coping with it. 11 for each cent in the respondents said that they could not solve their marital discord due towards the involvement of their mom and dad.

Domestic Violence:

Traditional rigid gender roles are 1 these types of cultural norm inside a variety of areas of India that may well raise the likelihood of violence against ladies. These roles are outlined in this sort of a manner that sons are extra very likely than daughters to become of gain to their mother and father, both financially and in other ways. The majority of the respondents suffered domestic violence during their married everyday living and expressed that domestic violence decided their decision to go for the divorce.

Triggers of divorce might be quite elaborate and complicated. There's usually not one particular simple factor that causes the dissolution of a relationship. Spouse and children authorized experts cite the subsequent things as key results in of divorce: poor communication, fiscal challenges, deficiency of determination, dramatic modifications in priorities, and infidelity. Leads to of divorce may perhaps also contain physical, mental or emotional abuse, substance abuse, and lack of conflict resolution skills, unmet needs, failed expectations, and significant discrepancies in parenting.

Divorce As Authorized Procedure:

The present analyze discovered that, divorce by mutual consent is mainly applied ground for seeking divorce.

Sometimes a trivial cause might lead to divorce. One in the respondents filed a case for divorce when her mother-in-law stated her wish to remain along with the couple. An additional respondent refused to meet her husband as her consent for your marriage wasn't obtained because of the elders ahead of fixing the marriage. Since these trivial leads to may possibly not stand authorized scrutiny, legal professionals advise their client to file a case on mutual consent.

Considering Divorce Like a Possibility:

The moment it's resolved from the respondent that he/she can no for a longer period keep on their marital lifestyle, they usually take the final decision. The entire process of divorce moves at a tempo commensurate to each and every person's ability to adapt on the physical, economical and emotional modifications that divorce demands. Some men and women move quickly via these stages, others have to have extra time to accomplish the tasks involved in a very stage and to assimilate the information and facts along with the emotional experiences the stage encompasses.

Making the decision to divorce could be the initially stage while in the divorce process, and it's a complicated move. After a person has created the decision to finish their romance, their up coming task should be to tell their partner they want to end the marriage. The majority of the respondents took enable from both their mom and dad or friends to tell their spouse that they want to end the wedding. These discussions ended up not minimal to your disclosure of their decision to end their relationship but also include a collaborative effort to redistribute the home, custody of youngsters, prospects of remarriage and other similar matters. All the respondents took an advice ahead of seeking authorized advice in the lawyers and filing a petition for divorce. More than fifty percent with the respondents took advice from their family customers just before filing a petition for divorce. Approximately twenty two for each cent on the respondents shared their marital life-experiences with their friends and adopted their counsel. 20.7 per cent on the respondents approached the caste elders seeking advice. Caste elders are however playing a significant part in resolving issues linked to relatives. The current research noticed that a number of the center level castes are supplying great importance on the caste elders. Caste elders usually act like a quasi- judicial body in deciding domestic matters. Sometimes, they take the initiative to approach the court docket of record on behalf of a person.

Nonetheless, the present study found that empowered gals are initiating the new wave of divorce petitions. These are not keen to fight the battle as victims of marriage below statutes; instead they prefer to settle things mutually to the basis of equality. The explanations are temperamental differences, monetary issues and family members interferences.

The present study indicates that in extensive the vast majority from the cases, it took up to two a long time to get the case finally resolved. The prolongation on the case of some respondents was mainly due for the reality the spouses worried were being indifferent. The period of trial of divorce case was difficult for the majority of the respondents, particularly ladies. Several of the typical situations experienced with the respondents involve: anxiety regarding the future, disturbance within the residence set-up, training, schooling and discipline of children, social stigma, non-satisfaction of sexual needs, economic non-support. The incidence of cohabitation during the pendency of the case was inquired into. It was found that majority with the respondents have been already divided then the trial started. In few conditions respondents experienced already got remarried and started cohabiting while using the new spouse even though it was illegal.

Custody Of youngsters:

1 in the most pressing concerns in regard to divorce may be the custody of kids. The problem of custody of children has long been dealt with in Area 26 on the Hindu Relationship Act. In making an purchase in respect of your custody of child, the welfare in the young children would be the paramount thing to consider, not the rights in the mothers and fathers. The respondents possessing small children usually are not numerous. 28 percent from the respondents are possessing young children. Of these many of the respondents are obtaining only one particular kid. Greater part from the youngsters are dwelling with both with their mothers or mothers and fathers of mother. It is located that not getting children can make divorce easier.

POST-DIVORCE Experiences:

The current investigation noticed that greater part on the respondents went to their parents and trying to fill the gap in their life by getting perform far more seriously or going in for higher scientific studies. It's discovered that presently divorce is viewed through the divorcees as being a mechanism which supplies freedom from tensions and alternatives for career progress.


Conceptually it truly is useful to think of marital dissolution and remarriage as the component parts of the method that takes folks back and forth in between being married rather than currently being married. You'll find two states [married and unmarried], and dissolution is definitely the method or function that transfers people from remaining married to staying unmarried whilst remarriage takes men and women in the opposite direction. Marriages conclusion with the time of divorce.


'Divorce', based on Lipman-Blumen [1977] is really a life crisis which society does not promote, to be a consequence of which social rituals marking divorce are largely absent. Blumen [1977] attributed the painful working experience of divorcing to deficiency of institutionalized support for divorce, within the type of social rituals. Consequently it is recommended that some kind of mechanism inside the sort of social ritual to mark the transition from married to divorced standing should be evolved, in order to make the expertise of divorce bearable for both the spouses, specially wife.

It is actually also recommended to start divorce counseling on a large scale to enable the divorcing and the divorced overcome the stress and cope together with the future circumstance.

Since the analyze is specific for the inhabitants, the findings can't be generalized. The tiny size of the sample may not succeed in relating the study to the larger context. In view of globalization approach of which disinvestment and privatization are corollaries, large scale retrenchments, cuts in subsidies, and shrinking social security are foreseen. On this backdrop the alienation process will gain momentum which will result in relatives lifestyle disruption. Thus, it really is suggested that further reports on divorce should take cognizance with the changed circumstance.

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