Difference between ser and estar in Spanish

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Some differences between 'ser' and 'estar' in Spanish language is as follows.

Use of 'ser'

  • 'Ser' is used to describe a permanent feature:
    • Jose es aburrido. (Jose is boring)
    • Esta ciruela es negra. (This plumb is black. What' kind of plumb is it? Black.)

Use of 'estar'

  • 'Estar' is used to describe a transitory feature:
    • Jose está aburrido (Jose is bored).
    • Esta ciruela está verde (This plumb is green -Meaning: This plumb is unripped-. How is this plumb? It is green.)
  • With some words_:
  • Está bien. Está mal. (Incorrect: Es bien. Es mal.)
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