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[edit] Networking?

I would like to meet and know people with international experience and interest in improving their language skills at low or no cost. I am interested in polyglotism so I would love to learn more languages and exchange ideas. For example, we could go through Wikipedia articles in our respective languages and explain them to each other. I think it would be great to develop online videos with voiceover, subtitles and animation and maybe even make some ad-related revenue. That might be more fun in a team of two or more. For example, we could use the same and similar artwork and materials, but upload our videos with different language audio.

[edit] My name is Rob Moore

From 2011-2013, when time and money permitted I renovated our home with the help of friends, family and professional tradesmen. This is my language current (02/2013) proficiency, from best to worst: English (native), Norwegian (Swedish/Danish), French, Finnish, ASL, German.

After living in England for the first 20 years of my life and learning French and some German, I moved to Norway and learned Norwegian and some Finnish (2000-2008). Then I moved to Finland and have been living since then with my small family part-way between Helsinki, Hämeenlinna and Tampere in Pirkanmaa. The only capital I have lived in is Oslo. Since being in Finland I have had two part-time jobs, I have been on three full-time Finnish language courses (so I really should type this out in Finnish now if not sooner) and I have taught English formally, to business-people and friends.

I use Linux and Windows almost every day. At some point in 2013 I hope to begin to grow vegetables year-round, hydroponically, in the cellar.

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