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Take a look at your familiarity with dial peers, codecs, Get in touch with Supervisor Specific, cisco 3845 and much more. This could allow you to prepare for the Cisco CCNA Voice IIUC 640-460 test.

(Responses are within the close )

one) Which of your subsequent is selected very first for an incoming dial peer?

A) Answer-address B) incoming called-number C) destination-pattern D) pots port E) dial-peer 0

two) Precisely what is necessary to change a G711ulaw simply call to G729?

A) Voice Termination sources B) Conferencing sources C) Converter resources D) Transcoding sources E) Gateway assets F) Gatekeeper assets

three) What on earth is the utmost number of phones are supported on Get in touch with Supervisor Specific?

A) 48 B) 28 C) 240 D) five hundred E) 30000 F) 4

four) What protocol requirements to generally be enabled on an ATA if a fax machine is connected to the ATA?

A) MGCP B) SCCP C) H323 D) SIP E) QSIG F) Q931

What protocol requirements to become enabled on an ATA if an analog phone is linked to the ATA?

A) MGCP B) SCCP C) H323 D) SIP E) QSIG F) Q931

Answers: 1)B - incoming called-number will be the 1st alternative when matching incoming dial-peers

2)D - Transcoding sources are necessary to convert G711ulaw to G729

3)C - the maximum variety of telephones supported on CME is 240 over a 3845 Cisco router (this has modified recently to 250, however the CCNA Voice class however sets this worth at 240)

4)C - H323 requires to become enabled about the ATA if a fax equipment is connected to the ATA.

5)B - SCCP desires for being enabled on the ATA if an analog telephone is linked to the ATA.

David Bombal,


David has more than a decade experience while in the IT market and it has been coaching within the Cisco sector for more than 8 years. He has labored with Cisco IP Telephony for the reason that Phone Supervisor 3.0 days in 2001.

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