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The Brazilian Buttock Lift is a procedure that includes the transfer of fat to the buttock area. It was maded popular in the 1990 ′ s and has given that after that acquired worldwide interest. The procedure allows for the improving and augmentation of the buttock location. Considering that it is paired with liposculpture, the technique is really effective in its capability to alter the person's form.

Strategies Power-assisted liposuction makes use of an oscillating cannula to make fat harvesting extra effective. We prefer power-assisted liposuction due to the fact that we feel that it produces the best quality fat and is less unsafe to the fat cells.

Experience Over the past numerous years, we have actually accrued a substantial experience with the Brazilian Buttock Lift. As component of the procedure, we perform liposuction of the abdominal area, flanks, back, thighs, arms, and also chin, based on the person's requirements. The fat is refined and also injected right into the gluteal area.

Recovery Fat implanting as well as liposuction need a considerable dedication from the person as far as healing is worried. We additionally utilize lymphatic drain massage therapies to optimize liposuction results. We dissuade clients from placing stress on the buttocks for a number of weeks after their procedure in order to maximize the outcome. Your Consultation

Finally, we invite you ahead in for a consultation. We really feel that our experience and also results with this procedure promote themselves. We eagerly anticipate helping you enhance your body and self-worth. Brazilian butt lift NYC

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