2015 Planning: What Does Your SEO Strategy Look Like Next Year?

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It became a tradition for the SEOs to talk prospects and predictions for the next year at the end of the current year. Therefore, I will do the same and give you some insights. The first thing we should do is to look back at everything what has happened this year, and based on this, try to predict the game changers for the next one, 2015. And how could you do that? Well, let me tell you. First of all, you should talk to your stakeholders and to the people who have invested in this. The discussion should be an easy one. At its bases, you need to ask a couple of questions like: What do you want for 2015? What do you want to gain and accomplish? What exactly you didn't like in 2014? Have you ever thought what would you like being different next year? This kind of questions will help you understand the downsides and the upsides, and make an idea about what is next. Second, get all the data you have. It is the perfect period of year to do so. Look at your stats and see what they have to show you. The amount of data you have gotten during a year will tell you a lot about what happened in 2014. There are many times when you told yourself or a customer that you have not enough data to make a conclusion or it is too soon to tell something, or I need more information prior to making assumptions and so on. However, now, at the end of the year, you have all the information possible to draw conclusions and make assumptions. And this is exactly what you need to do, because your stats will tell you everything possible about your work and you will be able to predict the situation for 2015. The third thing, and one of the hardest when it comes to SEO, is the timing. Creating quality backlinks and trying to manage a good advertising campaign is not easy. And unlike any other online promotion campaign, the SEO is not a "right away" kind of marketing. This is very hard to explain to the people who don't know much about the search engine optimization field. In order to create a good and long-lasting SEO campaign you need time, and no the time to literally do it, but the time for it to start being lucrative. Yet, when it does, you can have it all. This, of course, in case you had a quality campaign full of white kind of things.

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