"Oishi!" That's Japanese for "delicious!"

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And delicious is the word that perfectly summarizes what Oishi feels our purpose as an Ice Cream Maker in Singapore is!

What is Oishi? An ice cream manufacturer and supplier of wholesale products in Singapore. With fresh milk, milk powder and full cream, we create ice cream products varying from basic to premium level! We've gained fame as a Gelato manufacturer, wholesale distributor and supplier to many Singapore food industry outlets such as cafes, restaurants, hotels and so on!

Our goal? To create custom frozen desserts all at the highest quality, specially tailor to our unique customers at a low cost! As a direct wholesaler, you are able to buy ice cream at 10-40% lower!

That's not the only thing we tackle though. Oishi is proud to offer these services as well

Ice Cream Freezer and Ice Cream Cart Rental Ice Cream Catering in Singapore Ice Cream Delivery to Singapore

Our products come in convenient packages for simple storage, they're hygienic and healthy. Best of all, they're delicious! Our products are low fat, low calories and low sugar! Kids and adults of all walks of life hunger for our products all the time, and we will continue to provide our value-added service to all our customers

Oishi is proud} to be the premiere Ice Cream Maker in Singapore, especially one that provides Halal Ice Cream so as to cater to everyone equally in Singapore. Interested in getting in touch with us? Don't hesitate, call us today for more information and inquiries

Come to their site for additional details: Ice Cream Catering Singapore, Ice Cream Delivery Singapore, Ice Cream Freezer Rental.

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