"Oh no! Help, I'm pregnant!"

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Many women put themselves in an unlucky position of having to utter those words. Generally a great source of joy to a husband/wife and their family, an unplanned pregnancy on the other hand can be like waking up to aS nightmare. Many endure great guilt, shame, anger, regret and other such strong emotions as a result. This can cause it to be very hard in order to choose the correct decisions going forward from this point.

Fortunately, you are not alone. Pregnancy Crisis is an organization who are here to provide assistance for pregnant women. When an unexpected pregnancy happens, many steps needs to be taken in order to sort everything out. It can be exhausting for one person to do it all by himself, especially with conflicting thoughts affecting their judgement, which is where we jump in to help as a pregnancy crisis center.

For example, Pregnancy Crisis can work as a negotiator, helping women with breaking the news to their parents. Due to religious beliefs and social stigma, this can be a very tough and trying task as many parents may become irrationally furious at what has happened. With Pregnancy Crisis help, we can let them receive the news and soothe their rage, turning them into supportive friends rather than letting their rage flare.

Bringing up a child is a rewarding job, but it costs a lot of money, time and effort. Depending on the age of the mother, this might not be easy to accomplish, especially if they are not yet married. Pregnancy Crisis can give financial advice, such as helping the mother get in contact with financial support groups, financial grants for having children and so on.

If the mother is still continuing their studies, taking care of a child can cause a huge disruption to future plans for their schooling. Pregnancy Crisis can help in the process of negotiating an arrangement with the school so as to create a more fitting schedule. We can also get mothers in contact with many professionals such as medical consultants, marriage counsellors and so on.

Sometimes, it just can't be helped and a woman may have to give up her child due to financial and other reasons. Instead of going to an abortion clinic and taking abortion pills, Pregnancy Crisis recommends women with unplanned pregnancies to first consider other decisions. For example, Pregnancy Crisis can help them get in touch with good adoption agencies so that their child will find themselves in a gentle, loving house adopted by parents that will give them the love they need

So if you're pregnant and scared, or know someone who is in similar situations, don't let them suffer in silence and fear. Pregnancy Crisis will help them get the help they need.

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