"I Now Understand That God Really Wants My Marriage to Be Successful"

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As a police man, I can work some really lengthy days that can be very hard, and very nerve-racking. At times I work different shifts and unexpected things happen that are dangerous. I believe that has an effect on my wife, Barbara. She doesn't want me to notice her worry, although I know she does. Problems can so easily get baffled. Jumbled. Blown out of proportion.

Attending The Art of Marriage video event had a profound impact on our spousal relationship. It simply took a lot of the garbage away and explained it in easy, understandable ways. Right after checking out The Art of Marriage, I felt relieved!

I and Barbara have both been married before, and step-family problems are possibly the biggest ones for all of us. I've got a propensity to consider issues out of context and whack them up. The Art of Marriage helped me understand that it is not the problem that's important, it's the marriage. In some cases I've gotten so caught up looking at circumstances that I've missed the truth that God brought us together.

I believed several of our problems were so bad that I needed to solve the impossible. Right now I've been able to take a step back to see that the circumstances are only the circumstances-that the overriding thing is that we're married and love each other. That's what's essential. Everything else is kind of underneath that.

The video conference also helped me quit looking at things in a worldly way. It helped me understand that Jesus has the wisdom to resolve our issues and that there is gain and beauty in dealing with them.

God has a plan for my marriage

Now I realize that God really wants my marriage to succeed. I had an inclination to forget that He has a plan for Barbara and me as husband and wife. I was happy to begin looking at our problems in a spiritual way-to realize that we need to work on them jointly, and pray about them. This has made them seem smaller, not such a big problem.

The Art of Marriage also introduced me to a new thought: that I need to "receive" my spouse. I had not really belief that we must receive a gift, and that I found out that receiving Barbara as my gift from God is really a everyday task.

I also discovered it important to hear that marriage isn't exactly about me or my happiness in christian marriage advice. I knew that already however should be reminded of it. And also the problem of drifting toward isolation seemed to be very revealing. I believed that I was the only one with that problem, but now I've found out that it's common to so many marriages.

The explanation of the male/female biblical roles was the best I've ever heard. We need to notice that women and men have similar value to God and to each other in a marriage, but totally different roles and responsibilities.

Going to The Art of Marriage was an opportunity for Barbara and me to get together. We were able to state that we had been both working on our marriage and that there is spiritual wisdom to cover our marriage.

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