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Travelling to a new city? Exchange sightseeing for your language · New in town? Find international friends · Have a group? Make it bigger

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Conversation exchange and Language exchange

Conversation exchange improves language learning. Find language partners in your city and practice languages offline with native speakers. In order to learn a language you have two options: face-to-face conversation swap or group conversation meetings.

Language Exchange

Tandem or conversation exchange offline consists on contacting a language partner and meet up. You can practice languages 50% of the time in each of your native languages.

A conversation meeting is an event in which a group of people meet in order to discuss about one topic in a certain language. You can either join to any event published in Lingua2 or create your own event in any city of the world.

Conversation Exchange Online

Language tandems online are also possible with our chat or tools like Skype.

Language Tutors, Language Teachers

Language private teachers are better than going to language courses. English teachers, Spanish teachers and other language teachers are living close to you or teaching online.

This project has been developed by Spanish students. If you want to support us and keep this website for free just contact the international department of your university and international student organisations and encourage them to write a link in their websites. Support us bookmarking the pages that you like with Google.

English conversation

English conversation is more important than English grammar some times. Learn English with your language exchange partner.

English chat

English chat and Spanish chat are available below. You can create your own language chat.

English exchange, English courses, English grammar

English teachers can teach you like in a course for less money. Learn English with a private teacher.

English vocabulary

Vocabulary is one of the most important things. Learn four new daily words in Spanish, English, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, etc. At the end of the year you will now enough vocabulary to communicate. Lingua2 Retro Wayback

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